How does the bouncer know that your ID is fake or not?

Every person wants to enjoy their life in their teenage like they love to going outside and wants to enjoy with their friends and colleagues. If they are not cross the age of 21, then alcohol and bar entry is not allowed to them. They find many ways for solving these problems and making fake ID is one of them. It is the best solution and so much popular these days if you want to enjoy with their friends.

If you make your false id, then there are some problems also creating when it is check. In these days you can check that easily your id is fake or not with the help of many ways. You make sure which id is used by you it must be real. If you don’t want to catch then, you should know how to get a fake ID?

Now we will tell you that many ways which help in checking their id:-

  • Name and information are not aligned

In your real id, your complete information is mentioned like your name, address, and date of birth in a column. In your real id, their first letter in each row is up and above it. You will get surprised in your fake id alignment is not according to your real id. This is the best and easy way to know you have a false ID.

  • Rough Edges

In many times when bouncer wants to check your ID then maybe they check the surface of your ID. It is the best and easy way to verify that your id is real or not. A real id has a smooth surface you feel when you touch. If you have fake ID, then their surface is rough because they make by the printing and we can’t be able to print as usual real ID.

  • Under light, the magnetic strip is transparent

This is also the best way to examine your ID that is you can check it in light and easy to separate in just a few minutes. If you shine a flashlight on your card, then their magnetic strip becomes transparent, and you can easily see the light on the other side then you can easily find it is real or not.


Hope that you get full satisfaction from this above information then you can easily find that your ID is real or not. For that, you must know how to get the fake ID.